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Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology

Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology

Michael Harris BOND (Author)

Oxford University Press, 2015
  (42,35 )
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    About this book

In recent years China has witnessed unprecedented economic growth, emerging as a powerful, influential player on the global stage. Now, more than ever, there is a great interest and need within the West to better understand the psychological and social processes that characterize the Chinese people.

The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Ppsychology is the first book of its kind - a comprehensive and commanding review of Chinese psychology, covering areas of human functioning with unparalleled sophistication and complexity. In 42 chapters, leading authorities cite and integrate both English and Chinese-language research in topic areas ranging from the socialization of children, mathematics achievement, emotion, bilingualism and Chinese styles of thinking to Chinese identity, personal relationships, leadership processes and psychopathology. With all chapters accessibly written by the leading researchers in their respective fields, the reader of this volume will learn how and why China has developed in the way it has, and how it is likely to develop. In addition, the book shows how a better understanding of a culture so different to our own can reveal much about our own culture and sense of identity.

A book of extraordinary breadth, The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology ia an essential sourcebook for any scholar or practitioner attempting to understand the psychological functioning of the world's most populous country.
    About the author

Michael Harris Bond completed his undergraduate training in honours psychology at the University of Toronto (1966), before venturing to Stanford University where he gained a PhD in social psychology (1970). Following a post-doctoral fellowship in experimental social innovation at Michigan State University, he travelled to Japan as his wife's dependent in 1971. While she taught English, he worked as a Research Associate at Kwansei Gakuin University, studying non-verbal behaviour and beginning his first cross-cultural studies. These continued for the next 35 years, focusing on Chinese social behaviour during his first, full-time academic position at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He moved to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009 where he is now Chair Professor of Applied Social Sciences.
    Table of content

1: Geoffrey Blowers: The continuing prospects for Chinese psychology
2: Ying-Yi Hong, Yung-Jui Yang, and Chi-Yue Chiu: What is Chinese about Chinese psychology and who are the Chinese in Chinese psychology?
3: Farhan Ali and Trevor Penney: The cultured brain: Interplay of genes, brain, and culture
4: Xin-Yin Chen: Social and emotional development in Chinese children
5: Qian Wang and Lei Chang: Parenting and child socialization in contemporary China
6: Ping Li and Hua Shu: Language and the brain: Computational and neuroanatomical perspectives from Chinese
7: Catherine McBride-Chang, Dan Lin, Yui-Chi Fong, and Hua Shu: Language and literacy development in Chinese children
8: Connie Suk-Han Ho: Understanding reading disabilities in Chinese: From basic research to intervention
9: Him Cheung, Fong-Ha Yap and Virginia Yip: Chinese bilingualism
10: Yu-Jing Ni, Ming Ming Chiu and Zi Juan Cheng: Chinese children learning mathematics: From home to school.
11: Li-Jun Ji, Albert Lee, and Tieyuan Guo: The thinking styles of Chinese people
12: David Kember and David Watkins: Approaches to learning and teaching by the Chinese
13: K-T Hau and Irene T. Ho: Chinese students' motivation and achievement
14: Michelle Yik: How unique is Chinese emotion
15: Kwok Leung: Beliefs in Chinese societies
16: Steve J. Kulich and Rui Zhang: The multiple frames of 'Chinese' values: From tradition to modernity and beyond
17: Virginia S.-Y. Kwan and James A. McGee: What do we know about the Chinese self? Illustrations with self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-enhancement
ISBN: 9780198738572
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 752
Sizes: 244x170mm
Publication: 2/2015
Weight: 935g

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