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Business Chinese: 20 Essential Topics

Business Chinese
20 Essential Topics (2nd ed., MP3 download online)


HUANG Yinghong (Author)
Carrie WEI (Author)

Cypress Book, 2017

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    About this book

The revised edition, with new design and content, is a textbook tailormade for beginners of Mandarin Chinese to develop business links or doing business with China. The characteristics are:
- Text and vocabulary are given in Pinyin Romanization with characters throughout
- Each topic focuses on language for a specific business situation or context
- Grammar and language points are simply explained for practical and easy use
- Key cultural information and first hand tips for business people in each situation.

What's new ? Compared to the first edition, the new edition has included 20 of the most relevant and essential topics for conducting business with China.
- Topic 6 for Chinese social media and communications.
- Topic 11 for job application and staff recruitment.
- Topic 17 for digital marketing and multichannel selling.
- Topic 19 for finding sales representatives and Chinese retail network.
- The language level has been modified to be more accessible. By completion, learners could achieve Level A2 of CEFR and Level A of BCT.
- A new unit for Chinese characters has been added to provide good understanding about basic structures and hand-writing rules.
- A brand new workbook with comprehensive exercises and clear business functions will be published by April 2018.
    About the author

Yinghong Huang trained and qualified as a Mandarin Chinese teacher in Shanghai and holds an MA in Education Management from King’s College London.

She started her teaching career at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK and has taught Mandarin and Business Mandarin at King’s College London and London Business School. She is a lecturer at the Centre for Language Studies, City, University of London.
She specialises in Business Chinese and has been teaching at Cass Business School since 2004. She also works as a freelance business and cross-cultural consultant and has been providing in-company Business Mandarin and cultural training since 2008.
    Table of content

Present Yourself and Your Business:

1. Greeting People
Exchanging greeting
Introducing yourself
2. Getting to Know Each Other
Introducing people to one another
Exchanging business cards
3. Introducing Your Business
Talking about departments and overseas offices
Giving information about employees
4. Making a Business Appointment
More on introducing people
Talking about time and venue
5. Discussing a Business Schedule
Making plans
Inviting other’s opinions
Establish Business Relations:
6. Attending a Company Party
Talking about colleagues and clients
Issuing and accepting verbal invitations
7. Hosting a Dinner Banquet
Offering foods and drinks
Proposing toast and expressing gratitude
8. Buying Business Gifts
Choosing a gift
Presenting gifts to business partners
9. Visiting Your Business Associate’s Home
Giving personal information
Paying compliments
10. Congratulating Your Hosts on Special Occasions
Seasonal greetings
Celebrating a birthday
Work With a Partner Company:
11. Recruiting Staff
Holding a job interview
Deciding on candidates
12. Making a Business Phone Call
Answering the phone
Leaving a message
13. Arranging Staff Training
Organising air travel
Booking hotel rooms
14. Travelling for Business
Picking up someone at the airport
Getting a taxi
15. Staying in for Business
Hotel check-in
Asking about hotel facilities
Promote Your Business and Products:
16. Using Office Technology
Checking out available office technology
Finding your way round the building
17. Digital Marketing
Checking emails and links
Talking about social media and website update
18. Introducing Products and Services
Attending a trade show
Giving product details
19. Finding Sales Representatives
Talking about marketing strategies
Discussing services
20. Negotiating a Deal
Discussing agency type and commission
Asking about technical support
ISBN: 9781845700263
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 217
Sizes: 185x260mm
Publication: 10/2017
Weight: 605g
English, Chinese

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