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Likeness and Unlikeness: Selected Paintings of Qi Baishi

Likeness and Unlikeness
Selected Paintings of Qi Baishi

YAN Xingqiang (Author)

Foreign Languages Press, 1996
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Foreign Languages Press 192 p37x26cm Cloth
Qi Baishi (1864-1957), a great modern master of traditional Chinese Painting, was born into a poor family in Xiangtan County. Hunan Province. He learned the art of woodcarving in his early youth. Later he painstakingly studied painting, seal engraving, calligraphy, and classical poetry and prose. At the age of 56 he settled in Beijing and made his living by cutting metal and stone seals and selling his calligraphy and painting. He became acquainted with well-known painters in Beijing and exchanged ideas about art with them, initiating the Red Flowers with Ink Drawn Leaves school of painting. Qi Baishi's paintings blend the methods of traditional Chinese freehand brush-work and folk painting. His special skill lay in rendering flowers, bird, insects and fish; he was determined to 'portray thousands of insects and hundreds of birds'. His works employ a novel and original artistic conception, concise structural composition, vigorous strokes and warm colours. 'The marvel of a good painting lies between likeness and unlikeness.... If it is an exact likeness, it is catering to vulgar taste, but no likeness is simply cheating.' In his later years Qi Baishi was honorary professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, honorary president of the Studio of Traditional Chinese Painting and Chairman of the Chinese Artists' Association. The title of Correspondence Academician was conferred on him by the Academy of Art Studies of the Democratic Republic of Germany in 1955, and he was awarded the 1955 World Peace Prize by the World Peace Council in 1956. After his death he was named an International Cultural Figure by the World Peace Council.
ISBN: 9787119000459
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 192
Sizes: 370x260mm
Publication: 1/1996
Weight: 3370g

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