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The Third Eye - Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Level 3: 750 Words Level

The Third Eye
Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Level 3: 750 Words Level (Book + MP3)


LIU Yuehua 刘月华 (Author)
CHU Chengzhi 储诚志 (Author)

Beijing University Press, 2011
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    About this book

Chinese Breeze is an innovative Chinese graded reader series which offers over 60 titles of
enjoyable stories at eight language levels. It is designed for secondary school and college Chinese language learners from beginner to advanced levels, offering them an opportunity to read for pleasure and simultaneously developing real fluency, building confidence and increasing motivation for Chinese learning. Includes vocabulary in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English in the back of the book.

第三只眼睛 The Third Eye

In just two months, five customers had large amounts of money stolen while in flight! Such cases became a headache for the cops. Harried and frustrated for a while, they found a clue while screening the names and ID numbers of all the customers. One day, when the thief showed up again on the airplane, a cop quietly followed. The cop sat there nonchalantly with his 'third eye' watching and waiting for the fish to bite.

为大型中文分级泛读系列丛书,共8级60余册,本册是第3级(750词级)第1册。 两个月中,飞机上已经有五个人丢钱了!这是谁干的呢?警察很着急,他希望自己能有'第三只眼睛'抓到那个'三只手'。他把飞机乘客名单又看了一遍又一遍,突然,他发现有两个人反复出现。几天以后,警察跟着其中一个人坐进了飞机…… '三只手'的偷窃手法非常高超,但最终还是被抓住了。
    About the author

ISBN: 9787301189498
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 78
Sizes: 200x140mm
Publication: 7/2011
Weight: 154g
English, Chinese

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