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Conversational Chinese 301 (A)

Conversational Chinese 301 (A)
(4th edition)

汉语会话301句 (上)

KANG Yuhua 康玉华 (Author)

Beijing University Press, 2015
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    About this book

Conversational Chinese 301 is regarded as the most popular Chinese textbook for foreigners all over the world at present, which has sold more than 1,000,000 copies in 25 years since its first edition was published in 1990.

Now Conversational Chinese 301 (the fourth edition) is revised in two aspects below:
1. Some conversations have been rewritten to reflect the new features of social life at present by addding some fresh words as 'GAOTIE (high-speed rail)', 'KUAIDI (express delivery)', 'WEIXIN (WeChat)', etc. for example, while the grammatical points are still in the original order.
2. All the teaching contents, the new words, the translations, and the illustrations have been improved in a more accurate way.
    About the author

Professor Kang graduated from the Chinese Department of Nankai University in 1961.In the same year,she began to teach Chinese as a foreign language at Bejjing language Institute. From then on, she has worked in this field for about 40 years. Professor Kang was the cocompiler of several textbooks, such as Communicative Chinese, Chinese 400, etc. and had other books published overseas.
    Table of content

第一课 问候(一)你好!
第二课 问候(二)你身体好吗?
第三课 问候(三)你工作忙吗?
第四课 相识(一)您贵姓?
第五课 相识(二)我介绍一下儿
第六课 询问(一)你的生日是几月几号?
第七课 询问(二)你家有几口人?
第八课 询问(三)现在几点?
第九课 询问(四)你住在哪儿?
第十课 询问(五)邮局在哪儿?
第十一课 需要(一)我要买橘子
第十二课 需要(二)我想买毛衣
第十三课 需要(三)要换车
第十四课 需要(四)我要去换钱
第十五课 需要(五)我要照张
第十六课 相约(一)你看过京剧吗?
第十七课 相约(二)去动物园
第十八课 迎接(一)路上辛苦了
第十九课 迎接(二)欢迎你
第二十课 招待 为我们的友谊干杯!
A new edition of the ever popular Conversational Chinese 301 is here! Published by Peking University Press, Conversational Chinese 301 has been a firm favourite among Chinese teachers since the first edition was published in 1990. This new edition includes updated dialogues and improvements throughout to modernise the content. As before, this course book has 40 lessons and 8 reviews, guiding the reader on the basics of Chinese grammar, conversation and listening skills to build up the learners communication ability in Chinese.
ISBN: 9787301256510
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 200
Sizes: 256x180mm
Publication: 1/2015
Weight: 419g
English, Chinese

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