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To Win: IBDP Chinese B Listening Comprehension Skills

To Win
IBDP Chinese B Listening Comprehension Skills



FENG Weiwei 馮薇薇 (Author)

Joint Publishing (H.K.) Ltd, 2018
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    About this book


Ø 根据IBDP中文B新大纲(2020年首次考试)最新主题编写。

Ø 包括十五个生活常见话题,涵盖面广。

Ø 通过多种题型集中训练学生的听力理解能力。

Ø 附赠SL和HL模拟试题各两套,帮助学生体验听力理解考试的实际情况。

    About the author

冯薇薇(Vivienne Fung),英国语文专业学士、教育学专业学士及普通话教育专业硕士,香港中文教师、IBDP中文B考官、IBDP中文B教师培训官,有近二十年的国际学校中文教学经验,已出版《胜券——国际中文考试写作指导》《突破IB中文B普通课程难关》《突破IB中文B高级课程难关》等著作。
Listening skills are normally regarded as the most essential skills to develop for second language learners. The IBDP Language B New Syllabus of 2018 (First exam in 2020) has added “Listening comprehension” into the examination to emphasise the importance of listening. To Win: Chinese B Listening Comprehension Skills, published on April 2018, was designed to meet the immediate needs for teaching materials to train listening skills and to prepare for IBDP Chinese exam. It was written according to the five prescribed themes included in the IBDP New syllabus. Under each theme, three topics are presented to cover a wide range of areas, such as family life, leisure activities, online world, future studies and career, environment, society and economy, and so on. There are also different types of exercises included in this book. Students will find them particularly helpful for developing the listening skills. Two sets of mock exam papers for SL and HL respectively are attached for students to assess their competence.
ISBN: 9789620443077
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 184
Sizes: 200x180mm
Publication: 5/2018
Weight: 363g
English, Chinese

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