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5000 Years of World Civilization
Emma Marriott 艾玛·玛丽奥特,
China Friendship Press
185 x 130mm
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The time span of world civilization is more than 5,000 years, and the geographical span covers all continents of the world. It is magnificent and complicated. However, this book has a complete and clear geographic context of world civilization. Using time and space as clues, this book has exquisitely linked the world's civilization for 5000 years, showing readers the world from the beginning of the Mesopotamian civilization of the Mesopotamian plains of 3500 AD to the end of World War II in the 20th century. Development trajectory. From Alexander the Great to Hitler; from the rise and fall of the Carthage Republic to the rise of the Arab dynasty; from the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty to the American Civil War, almost all the major historical events in the world have been included. They are all-encompassing and clear. All distant history has made us who we are today. Through this book, readers can construct a clear structured index map of the world civilization in the brain.
Emma Mariott: Graduated from the Department of Modern History at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, she is one of the most popular historians in the UK and a historical writer with rich writing experience. He has published more than ten best-selling historical books such as 'Long Live the Queen-A Great Forgotten History', 'History as I Know', 'Bad History: How We Misunderstood the Past' and 'Digital Interpretation of World History'. She showed the distant history in the public's field of vision, and summarized their commonalities and personalities, enough to allow us to observe history and know the present.
世界文明的时间跨度超过5000年,地域跨度则覆盖全球各洲,宏大且复杂,本书却完整而清晰地理清了世界文明的脉络。本书以时间和空间为线索,精妙串起了世界文明5000年,为读者展现了从公元 3500 年前美索不达米亚平原的两河流域文明始,至20世纪二战结束时止的世界发展轨迹。从亚历山大大帝到希特勒;从迦太基共和国的兴亡到阿拉伯王朝的兴起;从唐朝的繁盛到美国南北战争,几乎囊括了世界上所有的历史大事件,既包罗万象,又清晰明了。所有遥远的历史都成就了今天的我们,通过本书,读者可以构建一幅架构清晰的脑内世界文明索引图。
艾玛·玛丽奥特(Emma Marriott):毕业于英国华威大学现代史学系,是英国广受欢迎的历史学者之一,也是一位写作经验丰富的历史类作家。曾出版诸如 《女王万岁——被遗忘的伟大历史》《我所熟知的历史》《糟糕的历史:我们怎样误解了过去》《数字解读世界史》等十余部历史类畅销书。她将遥远的历史展现在大众视野中,总结出了它们的共性和个性,足以让我们观史知今。