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China Focus - Intermediate Level II: Cartoons

中国微镜头 - 中级下: 动漫篇
WANG Tao 王涛,
Beijing Language & Culture University Press
English, Chinese
250 x 210mm
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China Focus is a set of comprehensive Chinese teaching materials specially designed for the Chinese audiovisual-speaking course. The video clips are extracted from contemporary Chinese social hot issues, feature programs, news, sitcoms, documentaries, talk shows, interviews, entertainment programs, films and TV plays, micro films, advertisements, songs, etc. Using abundant online video resources, it builds a natural-language-based classroom teaching environment, giving full play to the Chinese audiovisual-speaking course's function of being a window to the society, and promoting the integration of language learning and cultural understanding. This set of materials is divided into six levels, each of which is composed of several themes, encompassing society, economy, culture, education, life, love, and art. Several course modules are designed under each theme. The intermediate level (Ⅱ) includes 10 volumes, each taking four class hours and covering the communication functions and scenes commonly used in the elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level. Teachers can develop a personalized assortment of teaching materials based on the themes they are interested in, which can either be independently used in an audiovisual-speaking course, or as exercise materials in a comprehensive class, speaking class, listening class and other classes. The titles of the intermediate level (Ⅱ) include Cartoons, Culture, Variety Shows, Travel, Celebrities, Arts, Vocation, Family, Business, and Society.
Wang Tao, a teacher of Beijing International Studies University, is devoted to studying Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and focuses his research areas on Chinese language processing and computer-based studies. He participated in the design and development of Jinshan Typing software and assumed the chief responsibility of constructing the TCFL digital resources database of Beijing International Studies University and other scientific programs organized by MOE and Beijing City. He wrote a textbook entitled The Basic Computer-Based Chinese Language Applications for International Students and published a number of papers. Besides these, he won the champion in the 6th Contest of Young Teachers of Beijing International Studies University and got the first prize in the 2nd Multimedia Education Software Contest of Beijing.
《中国微镜头》是一套专门针对汉语视听类课程设计的立体化综合语言教材。视听素材选自当代中国社会热点、专题片、新闻、生活情景剧、访谈、娱乐节目、微电影、广告、歌曲等内容,利用丰富的线上视频资源,为学习者搭建基于自然语言的课堂教学环境。发挥视听说课程的“社会窗口”作用,促进语言学习与文化理解的有机融合。 该系列教材根据视听材料的难度分为6级,涵盖社会、经济、文化、教育、生活、职业、艺术等多个主题,主题下设若干专题,每个专题独立成册。中级下将出版10个分册,每册教学容量约4课时,语言方面覆盖初、中、高各级常用交际功能与场景。师生可根据需要自由组合感兴趣的专题内容形成个性化教材,既可用于独立开设的视听课程,也可作为视听教学材料用于综合课、口语课或听力课等课型。 中级下篇目包括动漫篇、文化篇、综艺篇、旅行篇、人物篇、艺术篇、职业篇、家庭篇、商贸篇、社会篇等。