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Chinese GCSE (9-1) vol.1 - Workbook

Sinolingua London
English, Chinese
285 x 210mm
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CHINESE GCSE is designed for secondary school students in the UK. This series covers three levels and each level includes a student's book, a workbook, a teacher's book, Chinese character flash cards, multimedia support through PowerPoint courseware and online resources. It is a complete and up-to-date series based on the 2017 new GCSE Chinese specification. This series provides:  Three volumes cover all the themes/topics, core vocabulary and grammar points in the 2017 new Edexcel and AQA GCSE Chinese specification (9-1). The difficulty level is raised as student’s progress through the series;  Learning tips make students easily grasp the key point and exam skills of each lesson;  Relevant exam practice of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating helps students fully understand the requirements and well prepared for the GCSE exam. In order to comply with new specification, an emphasis is placed on the cultivation of translation and writing skills;  Cultural tips that emphasize contemporary Chinese society, utilize real life situations and modern scenarios to make learning Chinese interesting and especially relevant to students;  Online resources brings a new ways for learning Chinese and teaching Chinese, including easily access online to after-class exercises and activities. A rich variety of teaching resources, including graphics, animation, audio and video clips are also provided so as to enrich curriculum design and make the classes more interesting and enjoyable.
《中学汉语》教材简介 《中学汉语》是为以英语为母语的中学生编写的汉语教材。全套教材分为三册,每册包括学生用书、练习册、教师用书、字词卡片、PPT课件和网络版资源。此教材广泛采用了2017年新版GCSE中文的教学大纲。《中学汉语》具有以下特点:  全面覆盖了2017年新版Edexcel和AQA GCSE考试标准中所要求的主题/话题、核心词汇和语法要点,且难度随学生的学习进度逐步拓展;  学习小贴士使学生轻易有效地掌握每课的关键要点和考试难点;  课后练习大量采用考试题型,从听说读写译五个方面进行操练,帮助学生全面理解GCSE中文考试的要求,做好充分的应试准备。为了应对大纲中新增的考试要求,着重加强了翻译和写作技巧的培养;  文化常识着眼于当代中国社会,增进学生对中国文化、现代生活、社会国情的认识和了解;  教材配有网络版。借助先进的多媒体技术,使学生能更直观地对生字词、课文、语法点、汉字笔顺笔画、文化要点等进行学习,还可以通过灵活多样的互动游戏进行课后练习。网络版还配有丰富的教学资源库,图文、动画和音视频等多种资源随意调用,让课堂更活泼有趣。