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Chinese-Style Planning: from the 'First Five-Year Plan' to the '14th Five-Year Plan'
YIN Jun 尹俊, XU Jia 徐嘉,
Beijing University Press
260 x 185mm
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This book reviews the basic course of China's 13th Five-Year Plan through a systematic theoretical review and a wealth of historical data, and on this basis, discusses the theoretical logic of planning governance. This book believes that the five-year planning system with Chinese characteristics is a flexible planning system, mainly through adaptive macro planning and incentive target governance, mobilizing the government, market, society and other forces to jointly achieve national goals. It is the national governance system. An important component is also an important symbol of the modernization of national governance capabilities. The main features of this book: First, it is academic. It answers the three basic questions of what planning is, why planning is needed, and how to plan from a theoretical perspective; second, an interdisciplinary perspective, insisting on horse learning as a body, western learning for use, and history as a mirror , To explore the theoretical logic and experience of planning governance from a multi-disciplinary perspective; third, to restore historical facts, to review the historical details of the thirteen five-year plans by consulting a large number of party history and national history materials, and to describe the formulation and The great journey of implementation.
Yin Jun is assistant to the dean, researcher, and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era of Beijing University, and a researcher at the National Development Research Institute of Peking University. Doctoral and postdoctoral fellow of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, under the tutelage of famous economist Professor Li Yining; visiting scholar at the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University; worked in the Planning Bureau of China Development Bank for many years. He has published more than 40 articles in authoritative journals such as 'Management World', and published many books such as 'China's New Urbanization Road' and 'Economic Low-Carbonization'. Works and papers won the 8th Higher Education Scientific Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) Popular Reading Award, China Book Critics Society Annual Public Good Book Award, Phoenix Annual Good Book Award, the first Li Zhanxiang Management Philosophy Outstanding Paper Award, and the first National New Structural Economics Outstanding Paper Award in the Case Contest, etc. Xu Jia is an assistant researcher at the Second Research Department of the CPC Central Committee History and Documentation Research Institute. He graduated from the History Department of Peking University. Published 'Illustrated Long March (Red Two Front Army Volume)', 'Chen Jue and Zhao Yunxiao', 'Disciplinary Stories in the Great Revolution', 'Disciplinary Stories in the Soviet Area', 'Disciplinary Stories in the Long March', 'Disciplinary Stories in the Anti-Japanese War', 'War of Liberation' 'The Disciplinary Story' and other works.
本书通过系统的理论综述和丰富的历史资料梳理,回顾了中国十三个五年规划的基本历程,并在此基础上探讨了规划治理的理论逻辑。本书认为,中国特色的五年规划制度是一种弹性规划制度,主要通过适应性宏观计划和激励性目标治理,动员政府、市场、社会等多方面力量共同实现国家目标,是国家治理体系的重要组成部分,也是国家治理能力现代化的重要标志。 本书主要特色:一,学术性,从理论角度回答了规划是什么、为什么需要规划、如何规划三个基本问题;第二,跨学科视角,坚持马学为体、西学为用、史学为鉴,从多学科视角探讨规划治理的理论逻辑和经验;第三,还原历史事实,通过查阅大量党史、国史资料,深入回顾十三个五年规划的历史细节,描绘党领导五年规划编制和实施的伟大历程。
尹俊,北京大学习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想研究院院长助理、研究员、博士生导师,北京大学国家发展研究院研究员。北京大学光华管理学院博士、博士后,师从著名经济学家厉以宁教授;哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院访问学者;曾在国家开发银行规划局从事规划工作多年。在《管理世界》等权威刊物发表文章40余篇,出版《中国新型城镇化之路》《经济低碳化》等著作多部。著作和论文获得第八届高等学校科学研究(人文社会科学)普及读物奖、中国图书评论学会年度大众好书奖、凤凰年度好书奖、首届李占祥管理哲学优秀论文奖、首届新结构经济学全国案例大赛优秀论文奖等。 徐嘉,中共中央党史和文献研究院第二研究部助理研究员,毕业于北京大学历史学系。已出版《图说长征(红二方面军卷)》《陈觉和赵云霄》《大革命时期的纪律故事》《苏区的纪律故事》《长征中的纪律故事》《抗战时期的纪律故事》《解放战争时期的纪律故事》等著作。