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Chinese Treasure Chest vol.2 (Traditional characters)

Cengage Learning
English, Chinese
280 x 216mm
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Chinese Treasure Chest is an imaginative teaching resource that offers hundreds of reproducible pages of activities. The activities are organized into 12 monthly sections to fit the school year. Volume 1 covers September to December; volume 2 covers January to August. Each volume is available in simplified and traditional Chinese.
Within each month, there will be featured topics (e.g., greetings, schools, weather) and cultural/seasonal themes. Activities are carefully selected so that different difficulty levels are available for the teacher to choose from, to cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

Students learn the Chinese language and culture through games, songs, crossword puzzles, picture cards, TPR activities, role-play, chants and conversations. This book offers plenty of ideas for such activities. It will make the classroom experience more fun, enriching and rewarding for teachers and students alike!
Each section begins with teacher notes that states the learning objectives and difficulty level of each activity, and offers suggestions on how to implement an activity to get the best results.

Chinese Treasure Chest is a joint effort of three experienced Chinese teachers, and encapsulates their years of teaching experience and innovative approaches to teaching young children. It will make the classroom experience more fun, more enriching and more rewarding for teachers and students alike!
Telling Time 时间
Fruits/Chinese Food 水果/中国菜
Animals/Insects 动物/昆虫
Sports/Hobbies 运动/爱好
Shopping 购物
Public Places 公共场所
Community Helpers 好邻居
Health 健康

Cultural Themes
Chinese New Year 农历新年
Valentine’s Day 情人节
Tomb Sweeping Day 清明节
Dragon Boat Festival 端午节
Firecrackers 放鞭炮
Spring Couplets 写春联
12 Zodiac Animals 十二生肖
Holiday Celebrations 节庆活动
Four Great Chinese Inventions 四大发明
Four Treasures of the Study 文房四宝
Silk Making 蚕丝的制造
Peking Opera 京剧脸谱
Calligraphy 书法
Zheng He 郑和
Mulan 花木兰
School Life 学校生活
Summer Vacation 暑假生活
Graduation 毕业
Leisure Activities 休闲活动
Travel 旅游

Teaching Techniques
Puppet Show 玩偶
Total Physical response 全能肢体反应法
Flash Cards, Wall Charts 闪示卡/大字报
Songs and Chants 儿歌/童谣
Nursery Rhymes 数来宝
Sequential Story-Telling 看图说话
Gouin Series 关氏连句法
Read Aloud 朗读/朗诵
Re-tell Stories 说故事
Jigsaw Puzzles 拼图游戏
Crossword Puzzles 填字游戏
Mini-book making 小书制作
Arts and Crafts 工艺美术
Role Play 角色扮演
Games 游戏
Riddles 猜谜
Jeopardy 按铃抢答
Highly appreciated and often used by teachers in kindergartens or Primary schools, this 2-book series available in Simplified or Traditional Chinese contains hundreds of pages of activities for the classroom. With one activity per page, teachers will find hundreds of ready-to-use games, songs and craft projects. Based on new modern theory in 2nd language acquisition, Chinese Treasure Chest aims to engage actively and joyfully children in their learning of the Chinese language.