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Digital Era: Building a New Ecosystem of Safety and Win-win
ZHAI You 翟尤, LI Nan 李南, DING Ke 丁珂
Electronic and Industry Press
260 x 185mm
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Under the social background of the “Digital Transformation Partnership Action” initiative issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, new infrastructure, as an important foundation for digital transformation, has become the focus of investment and construction by all parties in the industry. This book introduces the development status of various new technologies that support the construction of information infrastructure under the background of the digital age. Focusing on the industrial Internet, it analyzed the connotation of 'new infrastructure' and the security challenges it faces. The book is divided into eleven chapters. Through detailed cases and rich data, it shows the public the new industrial vision of 5G, artificial intelligence, chips, satellite Internet, car networking, blockchain and other cutting-edge technology fields. This book starts with the promotion of the digital economy by the new digital infrastructure, and introduces the development status of core technologies such as 5G technology, artificial intelligence technology, chips, satellite Internet, Internet of Vehicles, industrial Internet, data centers, Internet of Things, and blockchain. Discussing from the aspect of industrial security, using profound and simple language and vivid cases, show readers the important role and influence of new infrastructure in economic and social development, and demonstrate the application prospects of digital technology in future work and life.
Ding Ke, vice president of Tencent Group, head of Tencent security, and well-known domestic security expert. Joined Tencent in 2003 and served as the first person in charge and general manager of nine major business departments including the Telecom Business Department, Wireless Product Department, Wireless R&D Department, and 3G Product Center. He is one of the founders of Tencent's multiple product business lines. Before joining Tencent, he worked in Cisco China and Lucent Technologies and achieved excellent results. The security business industry of Tencent under the charge of Ding Ke took the lead in proposing the concept of an open Internet security platform, launching a secure cloud library brand, and taking the lead in opening up data to the security industry chains of Baidu, Tmall, Security Alliance, Know Chuangyu, Internet Police, and banks Partners to promote the establishment of Internet security collaborations such as the 'A World Without Thieves' Anti-Information Fraud Alliance, Mobile Payment Security Alliance, Tencent Security Wi-Fi Alliance, etc., to enhance the overall security defense capabilities of the Internet security industry chain, and promote the enhancement of Internet users’ security awareness.