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Easy Steps to Chinese vol.2 - Workbook

MA Yamin LI Xinying
Beijing Language & Culture University Press
English, Chinese
285 x 210mm
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The 2nd edition of Easy Steps to Chinese is especially de-signed for non-Chinese background students, who are learning Chinese as a second/foreign language. The series can be used by secondary school students as well as fifth and sixth graders in primary schools. This series will help students establish a solid foundation of Chinese in terms of characters, words, sentences and grammar through natural and gradual integration of language, themes and culture. The simultaneous development of listening, speak-ing, reading and writing is especially emphasized. The ultimate aim is to help students develop communication skills in Chinese in real-life situations and express their viewpoints appropriately, precisely, logically and coherently. The series consists of seven books in three stages: Stage 1 (Books 1, 2, 3): the focus of this stage is to establish a solid foundation through the learning of pinyin, characters, vocabulary and grammar. The aim is to help students foster an interest in learning Chinese and develop skills in using simple Chinese for communication. Stage 2 (Books 4 and 5): the focus of this stage is to learn more vocabulary and grammar so that students are able to use the language functionally when communicating with people in real-life situations. Stage 3 (Books 6 and 7): the focus of this stage is to provide students with authentic materials, and help them develop com-munication skills. It is believed that when the time comes, the students will be confident in expressing their viewpoints pre-cisely, appropriately, logically and coherently in both oral and written forms.
Ms. Yamin Ma has an M.Ed. in Curriculum Design and Instruction from Queen’s University, Canada. She used to teach English at both secondary and university levels in Shanghai (China), Hong Kong (China) and Kingston (Canada) for over 10 years and has taught Chinese at primary and secondary levels in Hong Kong (China) for more than 20 years.Ms. Ma has been the Head of the Chinese Department in Island School (located in Hong Kong, China) for over two decades and has taught IGCSE, AS/A-Levels and IB Language B courses. Ms. Xinying Li holds a postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics from Tsinghua University, China. She has taught English at university level in Beijing (China) before starting teaching Chinese at university and secondary levels in Edinburgh (U.K.), London (U.K.) and Hong Kong (China) for 30 years. Ms. Li is currently a Chinese language teacher and Head of Chinese Faculty in an international school in Hong Kong, China. She has rich experience in teaching I/GCSE, A/AS-Levels and IB Language B courses. Both Ms. Ma and Ms. Li are experts in the field of Chinese language teaching and learning, and authors of two Chinese textbook series, which have been bestsellers worldwide for 20 years. Ms. Ma and Ms. Li continue to offer training and workshops to teachers of Chinese around the world.
《轻松学中文》系列(第二版)是一套专门为非华裔学生学习汉语编写的国际汉语教材,主要适用于小学高年级的学生和中学生。 本套教材旨在为学生奠定扎实的汉语基础,帮助学生在现实生活中得体、准确地使用语言, 有逻辑、有条理地表达观点和思想。这个目标是通过语言、主题和文化的自然结合,字、词、句、语法等语言知识的学习以及听、说、读、写各项交际技能的训练来实现的。 本套教材共七册,分三个教学阶段: 第一阶段为第一、二、三册,重点是通过对语音、汉字、词语和语法的学习,帮助学生打好汉语基础,培养学生的学习兴趣,达到用汉语进行简单交流的目的。 第二阶段为第四、五册,重点是扩充词汇,学习更多的语法知识,使学生能在真实情景下进行有效的交流。 第三阶段为第六、七册,重点是让学生接触到真实的语料,使学生有信心用精准、恰当的汉语以口头和书面形式进行有逻辑、有条理的交流。
马亚敏,于加拿大女王大学(Queen’s University)获得教育硕士,主修课程设计及教学。在过去30余年的教育生涯中,她先后在中国上海、中国香港和加拿大金斯顿的中学和大学教授过十余年英语,并在中国香港的国际学校(小学和中学)教授过二十多年汉语。她在中国香港的港岛中学担任中文部主任二十余年,教授过IGCSE、AS/A-Levels和IB语言B课程。 李欣颖,于中国清华大学获得应用语言学硕士。硕士毕业后在中国北京的高校教授过英语,自1990年开始在英国的爱丁堡大学以及伊顿公学教授汉语。她目前在中国香港的一所国际学校教授汉语,并担任中文系主任。她在I/GCSE、A/AS-Levels、IB语言B课程方面教学经验丰富。 马亚敏老师和李欣颖老师都是国际汉语教学领域的专家,她们合作编写的两套经典汉语教材在全球范围内持续畅销二十年。她们也一直致力于在全球范围内组织、提供教师培训和研讨。