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Explanations of Difficult Points in Learning Chinese Language as a Foreign Language (Reprinted Edition)

YE Panyun 叶盼云, WU Zhongwei 吴中伟,
Beijing Language & Culture University Press
English, Chinese
184 x 130mm
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Explanations of Difficult Points in Learning Chinese Language as a Foreign Language is a reference book for foreigners learning Chinese with beginner-level or intermediate-level Chinese proficiency; it is also suitable for international Chinese language teachers and other native Chinese to help foreigners study Chinese. The book collects more than 200 issues frequently encountered in Chinese teaching practice, which are of great interest to students. These issues are arranged in the order of vocabulary, grammar, phonetics and characters, focusing on distinguishing right from wrong, and distinguishing the similarities and differences. The language is easy to understand, aiming to let users not only know what it is, but also why it is. To facilitate students to express, understand, and memorize, some entries use diagrams, tables, and formulas, etc. Most parts of the book are accompanied by exercises and provide answers for easy checking.
Dr. Wu Zhongwei, Vice President and Professor of International Cultural Exchange School, Fudan University, is interested in modern Chinese grammar, TCFL and the compilation of textbooks. His works include more than 40 papers on Chinese grammar, teaching, research and textbook compilation of Chinese as a foreign language in Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Teaching Chinese in the World, Chinese Language Learning, and monographs, such as A Thematic Study of Modern Chinese Sentences, Approaches in Teaching Grammar—The Theory and Practice of Grammar Teaching. He is now a member of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching and a consultant of Chinese textbooks compilation committee for secondary schools (2011 edition), Ministry of Education, Singapore.
吴中伟,博士,复旦大学国际文化交流学院副院长,教授。主要研究方向为现代汉语语法、对外汉语教学及教材编写。在《语言教学与研究》《世界汉语教学》《汉语学习》等刊物发表汉语语法及对外汉语教学研究论文约40篇;出版专著《现代汉语句子的主题研究》《怎样教语法——语法教学理论与实践》等。 现为世界汉语教学学会理事、新加坡教育部中学华文教材(2011版)编写组顾问。