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未来的增长 中国经济的前景与挑战

Future Growth Prospects and Challenges of China's Economy
LU Feng 卢锋,
China CITIC Press
260 x 185mm
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The '14th Five-Year Plan' is about to set sail. How do we take advantage of the trend: How do we view the adjustment of developed countries' policies toward China? How far is deflation from us? How to understand this round of China's economic downturn adjustment? How to treat food security in the year of the pandemic? Why is the United States slow in responding to the epidemic? … After the long-term rapid development of the Chinese economy, the original advantages and growth points have changed, and we need to make new understandings and analysis on this. In the face of the rare situation of short-term events and accelerated changes in the historical structure, this book provides observations and comments on China-US relations, international governance reforms, potential economic growth, and economic and policy issues in several sectors.
Associate Dean, Professor, National Development Research Institute, Peking University, Professor, China Economic Research Center, Doctoral Supervisor, Editor-in-Chief of the English-language 'China Economic Journal'. Received a Ph.D. in Economics from LEEDS University, UK, and a Master of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws from Renmin University of China. Feng Lu went to Harvard University, the Australian National University, and the British Institute for Development to do visiting research. He used to teach in the School of Economics at LEEDS University in the United Kingdom and the Department of Economics at Renmin University of China. Lu Feng's research fields mainly focus on my country's open macro economy and agricultural economy, and he has published some works on the real exchange rate of the renminbi, the imbalance of international payments, service outsourcing, food security, and grain and cotton trade. He proposed and systematically explained the concept of 'division of labor within products', and used this as a theoretical perspective to observe and explain the empirical performance of China's economic opening up and growth. He taught courses at Peking University including: Principles of Economics, Management Economics, Macroeconomics, Globalization and China's Economic Growth, etc.
北京大学国家发展研究院副院长,教授,中国经济研究中心教授,博士生导师,英文杂志《China Economic Journal》主编。获英国LEEDS大学经济学博士,中国人民大学经济学硕士、法学学士。卢锋曾赴美国哈佛大学、澳大利亚国立大学、英国发展研究院做访问研究,他曾在英国LEEDS大学经济学院、中国人民大学经济学系任教。卢锋研究领域主要集中在我国开放宏观经济、农业经济等方面,就人民币实际汇率、国际收支失衡、服务外包、粮食安全、粮棉贸易等问题发表过一些著述。他提出并系统阐述“产品内分工”概念,并以此为理论视角观察解释中国经济开放成长的经验表现。他在北京大学教授课程包括:经济学原理,管理经济学,宏观经济学,全球化与中国经济成长等。