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Getting to Know the CPC

ZHANG Rongchen 张荣臣,
Foreign Languages Press
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Chapter 1 The Founding and Efforts of the CPC
The founding and course of development of the CPC
Basic experience of the CPC as a Marxist ruling party in strengthening itself
Challenges facing the CPC and its goals of develop ment
Chapter 2 The Nature of the CPC
The CPC is the vanguard of both the Chinese wo class and the Chinese people and Chinese nation
The CPC is the core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics
The CPC represents the development trend of China's advanced productive forces, the orientation of China's advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people
Chapter 3 The Highest Ideal and Ultimate Goal of the CPC
The highest ideal and ultimate goal of the Party is to realize communism
The highest ideal and ultimate goal of communism is sure to be realized
Realizing communism will be a long and tortuous historical process
Building socialism with Chinese characteristics is the common ideal of the whole Party and people at the present stage
Combining the high ideal with down-to-earth efforts
Chapter 4 The Guiding Ideology of the CPC
The guiding ideology of the CPC is Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Theory of Three Represents, the Scientific Outlook on Development, and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era
Theoretical achievements in adapting Marxism to China
Arming our mind, guiding our practice and promoting our work with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era
Chapter 5 The Program and Basic Line of the CPC
China is and will for a long time to come be in the primary stage of socialism
The basic line of the Party at the primary stage of socialism
The basic program of the Party at the primary stage of socialism
Striving to attain the Two Centenary Goals, and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
Chapter 6 Members of the CPC
The basic qualifications for applying to join the Party
The basic requirements for Party members
The duties Party members must fulfill
The rights CPC members are entitled to
Studying Party Constitution, regulations and Xi Jinping's speeches, and be qualified Party members
Chapter 7 Organizational System of the CPC
Democratic centralism is the fundamental organizational institution
Basic requirements of democratic centralism
Upholding and improving democratic centralism
The organizational system of the Party
Chapter 8 The Cadres of the CPC
The position and role of Party cadres
Necessary requisites for Party cadres
Doing well in selection and appointment of cadres
Stay true to our original aspiration and founding mission
Chapter 9 Discipline of the CPC
“Iron discipline” of the Party
Observing the Party's political discipline is the most fundamental requirement
Regularizing political activities within the Party
Rules on Clean Government and Self-discipline of the CPC and Regulations of the CPC on Disciplinary Action
Chapter 10 General Requirements for Strengthening the Party in the New Era
It takes a good blacksmith to make good steel
Ensure that the Party supervises its own conduct and enforces strict discipline
The main line and target of strengthening the Party in the new era
The general layout of strengthening the Party in the new era
Eight tasks for strengthening the Party in the new era
Adhere to the Party's overall leadership in the whole process of modernization of the national governance system and advancing the governance capacity