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Have You Seen the Magpie?

Dai Yun Yu Rong
CYPI Press
280 x 210mm
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'The inspiration comes from the famous painting ''Along the River during the Tomb-sweeping Festival'' in the Northern Song Dynasty. In the scroll, there are businesses of all kinds, selling wine, grain, cookware, bows and arrows, lanterns, musical instruments, gold and silver, ornaments, as well as many restaurants. It captures the daily life of people and the landscape of the capital city Bianjing, today’s Kaifeng city. Dai Yun, the writer, let Zhang Zeduan, the painter of ''Along the River during the Tomb-sweeping Festival'', to become the hero Duan'er, and arranged him to look for a magpie in Tomb-sweeping Festival. Why is magpies? Because in Chinese culture, magpies symbolize happiness. This is a story about finding happiness. The plot in the book contains various people's different understandings of happiness, which is of universal value. The whole book unfolds like an organ, with stories on both sides. In the front story, Yu Rong used the techniques of paper cutting, colored lead and pencil, and used for reference of the bright style of chinoiserie. There’s a game on the back, Duan'er and the dog hide in the most famous ancient Chinese painting, and interact with the people in the painting. Yu Rong has opened up a route suitable for children to learn about the great painting, which is conducive to popularizing this world famous painting to children. In addition, there are 3 ways and 65 notes in the attached manual, so that readers could play games in ''Along the River during the Tomb-sweeping Festival'' happily.'
Dai Yun
Author of children's picture books, was born in Zhejiang and grew up in Nanjing. She graduated from the School of Foreign Studies in Nanjing University, and then studied in The University of New South Wales with a master's degree. Representative works including Sudan's Horn, Polar Bear Moves, Wandering Chicken, etc.
Yu Rong
She grew up in the countryside of China, where she began her studies in Chinese painting and contemporary art. She is the author-illustrator of A Lovely Day for Amelia Goose and the illustrator of Tracks of a Panda by Nick Dowson. She lives with her husband and children in the countryside of Cambridge, England.'