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Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System - Textbook

Helen H. Shen 沈禾玲, Yunong Zhou 周虞农,
Beijing Language & Culture University Press
English, Chinese
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Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System(2nd Edition) consists of a textbook and a workbook, aiming to give a systematic introduction to Chinese Pinyin. The textbook consists of ten lessons. Lesson 1 provides a brief introduction to Standard Chinese pronunciation and gives a holistic picture of the Standard Chinese pronunciation system. Lessons 2–9 introduce 21 initials and 36 finals, describing how each sound is pronounced. Most of these lessons each consist of four sections – Pinyin knowledge, useful words and expressions, classroom exercises, and tongue twister / poem. Lesson 10 gives a summary of phonetic spelling rules for writing Chinese syllables and rules for tone changes in the context of intonation patterns. Chinese classroom expressions are presented in dialogue form in the appendix for the convenience of learners. At the end of the textbook, the Answer Key to the exercises is enclosed so that users can have access to the correct answers in a timely fashion.
Helen H. Shen is a professor and Chinese language project manager at the University of Iowa in the United States and a former president of the Chinese Language Teachers Association. Ms. Shen’s research interests lie in the acquisition, development and teaching of CSL (Chinese as a second language) reading skills. She received an International Research grant from the US Department of Education during 2005–2008 and a STARTALK grant from the US Department of Defense in 2010. She has established the biggest CSL reading website in the world and has authored several academic books and university textbooks in addition to more than 20 journal articles.
本选题为我社2006年出版的《汉语拼音入门》教材的修订版,包括课本和练习册各一本。 课本向初学者介绍汉语拼音系统,全书中英双语对照,详细说明每个音的发音部位和发音方式,并配有发音器官图。全书共分10课,第1课概括地介绍普通话发音系统,使学习者对这个系统有一个总体的了解。第2-9课介绍如何发每一个音,学习21个声母和36个韵母。第10课对汉语音节的拼写规则和汉语语音的变调规则做一个简要的介绍。全书*后有3个附件,分别是对话形式的课堂常用语、中国省级行政区的中文名称表及中国主要城市的中文名称表。 练习册与课本配套,涵盖了课本第2-10课的拼音练习,可以让学生对学过的拼音进行进一步的复习和强化提高。每课的练习题量均匀,配有封面和分值系统,也可作为测验材料使用。 第2版在原版的基础上做了一些修订,主要内容如下: 1. 改正了*版存在的错误。 2. 根据学生的反馈,增加了对每个拼音与英文音之间的相似点与不同点的解释, 3. 第2-10课,每课增加了“日常用词和用语”,包括一些常用的词和短语、对话。 4. 附件中新增中国省级行政区的中文名称表及中国主要城市的中文名称表。 5. 对练习册的习题进行了部分更新和补充。
沈禾玲(Helen H Shen),美籍华人。美国爱荷华大学(The University of Iowa)教授、中文项目负责人,美国中文教师协会(CLTA)前任会长。研究领域为汉语作为第二语言的阅读习得、发展及与教学。2005-2008 获美国教育部国际研究基金奖,建立了全球最大的中文作为第二语言的阅读网站。2010 获美国国防部星谈基金奖。发表学术论文二十余篇,出版学术著作与大学教材数本。