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PNSO Dinosaur Museum - The Chinese Dinosaurs 1

YANG Yang 杨杨, ZHAO Chuang 赵闯,
Qingdao Publishing Group
English, Chinese
245 x 340mm
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In form of 'Museum on Book,' PNSO Dinosaur Museum: Chinese Dinosaurs series is specially designed for children! This nine-volume series uses nearly one-meter-long colorful gatefolds to depict over 200 species of dinosaurs discovered in China; it comprehensively analyzes the features of each dinosaur species, and presents abundant details: restoration of dinosaurs, their living environment and life scenes, as well as skeleton restoration, muscle restoration, close-ups, body anatomy, fossil bury sketch, etc. Dinosaurs, ancient mysterious creatures, although most species have long since become extinct, are still loved by adults and children all over the world. They were born in the Late Triassic and lived on the earth for 160 million years. Most of them became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous. One branch that did survive has evolved into today's birds and still lives with humans. Dinosaurs were not only numerous and diverse but also widely distributed. The vast China is the country with the largest number of dinosaur species in the world, and the number of dinosaurs that have been studied and named in China ranks first in the world now. Do you want to know about such a wide variety of dinosaurs? In this series of books, the unique girl Guanguan and her pet Little T. rex will lead us to different dinosaur fossil origins in China and explore the mysteries of Chinese dinosaurs together! Which provinces were they located in China? Which carnivorous dinosaurs were there, and which herbivorous dinosaurs? Can any of them rival the famous Tyrannosaurus rex? How are they related to dinosaurs that lived in other regions? …Turn the pages and follow Guanguan to learn about these fantastic creatures. We do believe you will find the answers.
《PNSO恐龙博物馆:中国恐龙》是为孩子们创作的“纸上博物馆”。本系列包含9册图书,采用展开几近1米长的超长拉页,详细讲述了中国发现的200多种恐龙,深度解析每种恐龙的特征,展示丰富的细节:生命形象复原图,科学地呈现它们的模样;生态复原图,生动地还原了恐龙生前的生存环境、生活场景;还有骨骼复原图、肌肉复原图、身体结构特写图、身体结构解剖图、化石埋藏图等,从不同的角度深度解析恐龙。 虽然恐龙这种古老而神秘的生物大部分早已灭绝,但仍受世界各地大人小孩的喜爱。恐龙最早出现在三叠纪晚期,在地球的生活时间长达1.6亿年。大部分恐龙在白垩纪末期灭绝,一部分演变成今天的鸟类,仍然和人类生活在一起。恐龙不仅数量众多,种类繁多,而且分布广泛。幅员辽阔的中国是世界上恐龙种类最多的国家,中国已经研究和命名的恐龙数量现在居世界第一。你想了解种类如此繁多的恐龙吗?在本系列的书中,女孩关关和她的宠物霸王龙将带领我们去中国不同的恐龙化石产地,一起探索中国恐龙的奥秘!它们位于中国的哪些省份?哪些是肉食恐龙,哪些是植食恐龙?它们中有谁能与著名的霸王龙匹敌吗?它们与生活在其他地区的恐龙有什么关系?……翻开书页,跟随关关了解这些神奇的生物吧!你一定能找到答案。