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Primary Practice Course in Chinese Martial Arts

WEN Jiansheng 文建生, SU Min 苏敏,
Northwest Polytechnical University Press
226 x 182mm
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Reviewing the history of human civilization, the main theme of civilization is fusion. Each civilization makes contribution to human progress. The civilization of the Chinese nation in the process of evolution, there had been three major cultural integration and innovation, the three major cultural fusions was world wide, it affected various ethnic groups. Throughout the history of worldcivilization, Chinese civilization is the only unique continuous civilization, while the Chinese martial arts is unique physical perception of the ancient civilization.This perception is different with the concept, object perception; it is embodiment of the oldest civilization. Martial arts is long-term results of Chinese martial artspractice, and academic achievements under the impact of the Western civilization.Its occurrence and development is also in the cultural integration.
Chapter 1 Overview of the Chinese Martial Arts Part 1 The Guidance of a Gas on the Martial Arts Part 2 External Combat Ability of Martial Arts Promotion Route Chapter 2 Chinese Martial Arts Classification Part 1 South Boxing and North Leg Part 2 Long Fist and Bunt Part 3 Internal Boxing and External Boxing Chapter 3 Basic Skills in the Chinese Martial Arts Part 1 Hand Type.Hand Technique Part 2 Legs Skill Part 3 Waist Skill Part 4 Shoulder Skill Part 5 Step Form Part 6 Jump Part 7 Balance Chapter 4 The Primary Long Fist(Third) Part 1 The Basic Characteristics of a Primary Long Fist Part 2 The Action Name Part 3 The Action Description Chapter 5 Tai Chi Chuan(24 style) Part 1 The Basic Characteristics of a Tai Chi Chuan Part 2 The Action Name Part 3 The Action Description Chapter 6 Chinese Martial Arts Fist Application Introduction——Wing Chun Part 1 Wing Chun Sticky Hand Part 2 Wing Chun Punches Part 3 Wing Chun Kicks