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Teacher Xiaoliang's Natural History Class
ZHANG Chenliang 张辰亮,
Tiandi Publishing House
206 x 181mm
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Popular science knowledge is not cold, natural history can also be warm! 'Mr. Xiaoliang's Natural History' is a set of popular science books created by 'Mr. Naturalist' Zhang Chenliang for readers aged 5-12. This set of small books contains a total of 6 sub-volumes-'Unbelievable Flowers and Trees', 'Amazing Natural Phenomenon', 'Unfathomable Aquatic Animals', 'The Unpredictable World of Insects', 'The Eye-opening Land Animals', and 'Infinite Interests.' Asuka Paradise. This book selects the flowers and trees, natural phenomena, aquatic animals, terrestrial animals, insects and birds that children can see and perceive daily, and read through the way of asking questions, so that children can follow the inner curiosity and the ever-changing, Check out the colorful nature! Teacher Xiao Liang can 'turn decay into magic'-he uses popular and interesting narration to make popular science knowledge extremely vivid, and makes reading full of fun and warmth. The method of getting along with nature that is added in the article from time to time highlights the educational significance of this 'natural history lesson' in addition to popularizing scientific knowledge. A large number of exquisite and exquisite hand-painted illustrations in the book let readers, under the leadership of Xiaoliang, jump out of the boxy houses, walk out of the high-walled school, and leave the uniform city, instantly 'being on the scene' and moving towards The real nature, go to flower fields, grasses, plains, forests, mountains and deep seas! At the same time, develop the good habit of reading carefully, thinking independently, and being good at field observation, and become a lover, researcher and protector of nature. Let the popular and interesting natural history lesson be an enlightenment teacher for children to explore nature!
Zhang Chenliang, a member of the Ecological Committee of the Chinese Science Writers Association, a director of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, the '2017 Top Ten Science Communication Figures' of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, a well-known popular science person, with more than 20 million fans on the entire network, and is affectionately called 'Xiaoliang' by fans 'Yu Liang' and 'Brother Liang', worked in the 'Chinese National Geographic' magazine, served as the content director of 'Museum' magazine, good at animal and plant science, their book 'Haicuotu Notes' was included in the reading of elementary and middle school students by the Ministry of Education Guide directory.
科普知识不高冷,博物学也能有温度!《小亮老师的博物课》是“博物君”张辰亮专为 5~12 岁的小读者们创作的一套科普读物。这套小书共包含6个分册——《不可思议的花草树木》《叹为观止的自然现象》《深不可测的水生动物》《无奇不有的昆虫世界》《大开眼界的陆地动物》《奇趣无穷的飞鸟乐园》。本书选取了孩子们日常身边能见到并感知到的花草树木、自然现象、水生动物、陆生动物、昆虫和鸟,通过提问的方式导入阅读,让孩子们跟着内心的好奇,对千变万化、五彩纷呈的大自然一探究竟!小亮老师能“化腐朽为神奇”——他用通俗、有趣的讲述让科普知识变得无比生动,让阅读变得充满乐趣和温度。文中不时加入的人与自然的相处方法,更凸显了这一堂堂“博物课”于普及科学知识之外的教育意义。书中大量细腻而精美的手绘插图,让大小读者在小亮老师的带领下,跳出四四方方的住宅,走出围墙高耸的学校,离开千篇一律的城市,瞬间“身临其境”,迈向真正的大自然,到花田、草丛、平原、森林、大山和深海中去!同时养成认真看书、独立思考、善于野外观察的好习惯,成为一名大自然的热爱者、研究者和保护者。让通俗、有趣的博物课,成为孩子探索自然路上的启蒙老师!