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The Chinese Picture Dictionary for Children

Cengage Learning
English, Chinese
215 x 277mm
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The Chinese Picture Dictionary for Children is a powerful vocabulary builder for non-native learners aged 5-14. It presents words in context through attractive illustrations and photographs. Essential vocabulary is presented through 62 themes, making language learning more meaningful and effective. Through these pages, we want to stimulate children’s interest in the Chinese language, and provide a platform for more fun and engaging learning.

Each theme presents 15 to 20 words in a double page spread. The words are carefully selected, high-frequency words which are most commonly used in everyday life. A total of about 1,100 words are presented, each annotated with pinyin.

To add to the excitement of learning, we have placed a little monkey in each double page spread. Children will enjoy finding the monkey each time they turn the page!

This second edition features updated 'Fun Time' activities, designed for learners of Chinese as a second/foreign language.

Key Features:
Vocabulary presented in context to aid understanding and retention
Attractive photographs and illustrations to visually stimulate young learners
62 themes, 1,100 words presented on double page spreads
Carefully selected high frequency vocabulary, capped at 15 to 20 words per theme
Pinyin annotation
Unit 1 Basic Words 第一单元 基础字词
Numbers 数字
Colors and Shapes 颜色和形状
Directions 方位词
Opposites 反义词
Time 时间

Unit 2 Me 第二单元 我
Face and Hair 头发和五官
Body 身体
Clothes 1 衣着(一)
Clothes 2 衣着(二)
My Family 家庭
Feelings 感觉
My Day 我的一天

Unit 3 At Home 第三单元 我的家
In the Kitchen 厨房
In the Living Room 客厅
In the Bedroom 卧室
In the Bathroom 浴室
Outside the House 室外
In the Garage 车库

Unit 4 In the Neighborhood 第四单元 社区
Vehicles 交通工具
The Town 城市
The Park 公园
Outdoor Activities 户外活动
The Library 图书馆
The Vet 宠物医院
The Mall 购物中心
The Restaurant 餐厅
The Daycare Center 托儿所
The Construction Site 建筑工地
The Clinic 诊所
The Waiting Room 候诊室
Jobs 职业

Unit 5 At School 第五单元 学校
The Classroom 教室
Read and Write 读和写
My Schoolbag 我的书包
Arts and Crafts 美术课
Musical Instruments 乐器

Unit 6 Food 第六单元 食物
Fruit 水果
Vegetables 蔬菜
Food 1 食物(一)
Food 2 食物(二)

Unit 7 Having Fun 第七单元 娱乐
Story Time 1 讲故事(一)
Story Time 2 讲故事(二)
Toys 玩具
Birthday Party 生日聚会
The Beach 海滩
The Fairgrounds 游乐场
The Street Fair 街头文化
The Farm 农场
Camping 露营
Sports 运动

Unit 8 The World 第八单元 大自然
Spring 春天
Summer 夏天
Fall 秋天
Winter 冬天
Bugs 昆虫
The Rain Forest 热带雨林
The Grasslands 草原
The Sea 海洋
The Woodlands 丛林
The Polar Lands 极地
The Desert 沙漠
Space 太空