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The Little Red Book - A Grammar Guide to Secondary School Chinese Exams

CHEN Qi 陈琦, LIN Jing 林晶,
Beijing Language & Culture University Press
English, Chinese
230 x 170mm
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The Little Red Book—A Grammar Guide to Secondary School Chinese Exams is designed to make the study of Chinese grammar enjoyable and accessible to secondary school students. It is clearly structured so that students may gain a full picture of how the Chinese language works. In addition, the practices in this book are designed in accordance with the latest syllabuses of GCSE/IGCSE, IB, and SAT, which may help students prepare for Chinese examinations. This book is divided into four parts: Sentences and Sentence Elements, Constructions and Sentence Patterns, Parts of Speech and Their Usage, and Language Use. Each lesson teaches one grammar point, consisting of such sections as grammar explanation (in the form of text), usage illustration (in the form of charts), analysis of important and difficult points (tips), text, exercise, test and checklist to help students master and apply the grammar points effortlessly. The book can be used as a supplement to any secondary school Chinese course and is suitable for both classroom and home study use.
Ms. Carol Chen is an expert Chinese language educator and an IB International Diploma examiner currently residing in Hong Kong SAR, China. She holds an M.Ed. degree in Chinese Language Education, but her proficiency stems from a highly successful Chinese teaching career which started in 1986 when she began honing her skills in elementary school, secondary school, and university curriculums. Since 1997, Ms. Chen has taught Chinese at GCSE/IGCSE, A/AS, IB Language A and Language B Standard and higher levels to international school students in Hong Kong. She is the author of the GCSE/IGCSE revision booksA+ ChineseandPass Chinese. She has also published series of Chinese graded readers such as “The Chinese Library Series” and “My Little Schoolbag Leveled Chinese Readers”. Ms. Chen has presented workshops for Chinese language teachers on a number of occasions, including ACTFL 2019 Convention and China in Context 2018. Lin Jing, BA in Chinese Language & Literature, MA in Education (University of Bath, UK), is an IGCSE and IB examiner. Ms. Lin has served as Head of the Chinese Faculty and a Chinese teacher in international schools across China’s mainland, China’s Hong Kong SAR, and other places such as Malaysia. She has more than 13 years of work experience in international schools and is currently working in a well-known international school in Hong Kong. She has given many lectures in English Schools Foundation (ESF) to share her teaching experience.
陈琦,中学中国语文专业教育学硕士,中国香港教育局注册教师,在香港国际学校教授中文超过 20 年。现任IB国际文凭课程考试官,在IB中文教学中有近10年的教学经验。同时有20年教授GCSE/IGCSE、A-level中文的经验。参与过英国中考IGCSE(0523)第二语言中文考试内容及大纲的草拟及制定工作。多次在对外汉语学术交流大会举办讲座。在对外汉语分级阅读写作及教学等方面进行了深入及细致的研究。出版了《A+汉语》《汉语过关》《中文小书架分级读物系列》《中文小书包分级读物系列》《丽丽西安寻亲记》等著作。 林晶,汉语言文学学士,英国巴斯大学教育硕士。剑桥国际普通中等教育考试的考官,国际文凭课程考官。曾在中国内地、中国香港和马来西亚等地的国际学校担任中文主任及中文教师一职,有十三年多的国际学校工作经验,目前就职于香港知名国际学校。在英基学校协会(ESF)做过多次教学分享讲座。