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The Power of Shaolin Kung Fu: Harness the Speed and Devastating Force of Jow Ga Kung Fu

Ronald Wheeler
229 x 152mm
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The Power of Shaolin Kung Fu offers readers a comprehensive course in the fundamental movements that have been practiced and perfected by warrior monks for centuries. It includes instruction in the powerful striking techniques that so often lead to decisive victory in today's mixed martial arts bouts. The book includes 300 colour photographs along with detailed textual instructions and training tips. The included DVD clearly demonstrates all of the movements covered in the martial arts book. Shaolin Kung Fu is an indispensable part of every martial artist's repertoire a vital means to improve your movement, motion, and balance skills and the best way for a mixed martial arts fighter to improve and perfect striking skills. This informative kung fu book also shares the moral and ethical philosophies that underlie the Jow Ga system. Shaolin Jow Ga Kung Fu is a combination of southern and northern Shaolin techniques making it by far the most effective in terms of combining blinding speed with devastatingly powerful strikes.
Ron Wheeler is a two time National Champion and three time Regional Champion in United States of America Wu Shu/Kung Fu Federation sanctioned competitions. He is a former Male Competitor of the Year for the United States Chinese Kuoshu Federation and a former member of the United States Traditional Wu Shu Team that competed in the first Traditional Wu Shu Festival and Championship held in Zhenzhou, China, where he gave gold medal performances in the categories of Southern Fist Form and Long Pole. In addition to his martial arts teaching, he is also a successful Group Exercise instructor in the Washington D.C. area, is an instructor of Western Boxing, and is a faculty member of the Department of Exercise Science at George Washington University.