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The Story of Pudong: A Dream Come True

浦东的故事: 这样的梦想更中国
XIE Guoping 谢国平, LI Zonghong 李宗红,
New World Press
English, Chinese
220 x 150mm
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Foreword: From Rags to Riches Part Ⅰ.A Trump Card Chapter Ⅰ.Tell the World: China Will Continue to Open Up 1.The Trump Card of Deng Xiaoping 2.The Dilemma of Zhu Rongji 3.A Natural Moat 4.The Aspirations of Sun Yat—sen 5.The Entrustment after Retirement Chapter Ⅱ.Transformation: Appropriate Time and Appropriate Place 1.A Bit Like a 'Chain Game' 2.Appropriate Time and Appropriate Place 3.The Stubborn Bulldozer 4.A Big Mistake 5.The Riddle of Great Changes Part Ⅱ.A Big Pilot Project Chapter Ⅲ.Reconstruct a Center: The Touchstone of Reform and Opening Up 1.People's Yearning for Change 2.The Awareness of Establishing a Center 3.Short of Money But Not Land 4.A Cute White Lamb 5.The Diagram of Pudong 6.The Renaming of Jinqiao 7.Impromptu Poetry of Deng Xiaoping 8.Ramo Corrected His Views 9.Pudong Injected Vitality into Puxi Chapter Ⅳ.Comprehensive Reforms: Pursuing the Harmonious Development between Economy and Society and Man and Nature 1.Rehearsal of WTO Accession 2.Three—No Principle 3.One Seal Only 4.I Have Not Seen Enougb 5.What Should and Should Not Be Done Chapter Ⅴ.Free Trade: Pilot Experience That Could Be Popularized 1.The Debate about a Name 2.In Response to TPP and TTIP 3.The First Case in China and the World 4.Pilot Tests Being Made Everywhere Parf Ⅲ.Guidelines Chapter Ⅵ.Speaking to the World: Planning the Development of Pudong from a Gfobal Perspective 1.'To Borrow Wisdom' from the World 2.Pagoda and Park 3.Eat Fish from the Pacific Ocean 4.A Key 5.Mr.Pudong 6.Orderly Development Chapter Ⅶ.Synchronous Development: For Overall Progress of the Society 1.Accompaniment to the Epic 2.The Most Expensive Green Land in the World 3.Vice President of Kodak Paid Attention to Education Other Than Business 4.Plant the Phoenix Trees (Be Well Prepared) 5.Solve the World's Puzzle 6.You Give Confidence to the Common People 7.Find the Destination of Souls for Western Friends Chapter Ⅷ.Cherish Land as Gold: Reserve the Land for Descendants 1.The Golden Rule 2.Reserve 'Areas for Development by Descendants' 3.Vacate the Cage to Change Birds Chapter Ⅸ.Don't Run Against the Red Light, But 'Try to Change the Rules of the Game' 1.Create a New Signal System 2.In a Limited Period of Three Years Part Ⅳ.Upgrading Chapter Ⅹ.Upgrading During Times of Crisis: Opportunities Came Hand—in—Hand with a Financial Crisis 1.The Confidence of Minoru Mori, a Japanese Real Estate Tycoon 2.Time Tunnel between the 'Two Centers' 3.Disney Finally Settled in Pudong 4.Crown of the Manufacturing Industry 5.What Does Transformation Mean? 6.'Pudong Price' Chapter Ⅺ.The Fulcrum Effect: Continue the Institutional Test to Make the Market More Effective 1.The Effective Small Fulcrum 2.Laboratory of Reform 3.A Surprise to Investors 4.Free Trade Dividends Chapter Ⅻ.The Mission Remains: The Dream Has Come True 1.Start Copying 2.A New Undertaking 3.Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones 4.Recording the Dream Afterword