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The World of Chinese - SAL
The Commercial Press
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The World of Chinese is a bi-monthly English magazine and web portal dedicated to Chinese language and culture.

Each issue, we take a modern theme and look behind the headlines to uncover how contemporary issues affect Chinese society and culture. Discover China’s cities and read about personal adventures in our travel features. Learn about new trends and ancient traditions in our culture and cover stories. Sharpen your Chinese with language features based on real-life cross-cultural scenarios. Feature articles are also accompanied by fun and useful Chinese words and phrases, while our regular columns contain interactive, practical content for Chinese learners.

The World of Chinese is, as one of our own put it, not a magazine about where to go on Friday night or find the best hamburger in Beijing. We don’t review the see-and-be-seen spots on the local scene, nor do we enumerate China’s dynasties or present lists of vocab. Our real mission is to bring China the China that we see, live and breathe every day to readers who share our passion for learning. We convey the words of ordinary Chinese in the streets, the thoughts expressed on China’s immense blogosphere, and the phenomena that pop up everywhere in between to an English-speaking audience.

Each magazine subscription lasts for 1 year and is available with either 'Airmail' or 'SAL' postage.

Choose 'Airmail' to receive each issue 10 days after shipment from China.

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