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Truths and Facts: Interpreting the Second Japanese Invasion of China

事实与真相: 解读日本第二次侵华战争
TANG Yongliang 唐永亮, LI Wei 李薇, ZHANG Jing 张静
Foreign Languages Press
238 x 168mm
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The book cites the classics and uses many facts to show comprehensively and objectively that Japan committed all kinds of sensational crimes in the second war of aggression against China and those little-known historical origins behind these incidents. By interviewing survivors, victims and witnesses, it uses realistic writing style to reappear that dark history and analyzes the deep reasons behind from materialistic view of history.
View the War of Resistance Against Japan from the Perspective of the World Anti-Fascist War 1. Significance of the Victory 2. Ca's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression: A Significant Component of World Anti-Fasdst War 3. Great Contributions Made by China's War of Resistance 4. Sympathy with and Selfless Aid to China's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression by Various Countries and Nations as well as People from An Walks of IJfe Throughout the World Historical Cognition and Sino-Japanese Relations 1. Historical Problems and Historical Cognition 2. Practical Cases of Joint Research in History 3. Background of Intensifying Problem of Historical Views 4. Historical Issues on Which Joint Studies to Be Carried Out The Game over the Mikado and Mikado System Between the US and Japan 1. The Issue of 'Safeguarding the Imperial Household and National Polity' on the Minds of Japan's Ruling Group Before Surrender 2. Considerations of US Decision-makers 3. Japanese Surrender: Mikado and the Mikado System Preserved Was the International Committee for the Nanjing Safety Zone During the Nanjing Massacre an Anti-Japanese Organization? 1. Westerners Establishing the Nanjing Safety Zone 2. Japanese Military Authorities' Tacit Consent to the Safety Zone at the Early Stage after Their Occupation of Nanjing 3. Hostility from Japanese Authorities to the International Committee of the Nanjing Safety Zone 4. Puppet Self-Governing Regime Supported by Japanese Authorities Oppressing and Replacing the Safety Zone Conclusion Japan's Understanding of China and the September 18th Incident 1. Japan's Perception of China and International Order 2. Japan's Plan to 'Separate Manchu and Mongolia from China' 3. Understanding of and Studies on History Conclusion An Analysis of Japan's Military Strategy in Its War of Aggression Against China 1. The Dispute over 'Striking North' and 'Striking South' 2. Japan's Strategy of Aggression Against China Around the September 18 Incident 3. Japan's Strategy of Aggression Against China Around the Marco Polo Bridge Incident Criticism and Analysis of the Tokyo Trials 1. The Tokyo Trials and the International Laws 2. Exoneration of the Japanese Emperor 3. The Historical Significance of the Tokyo Trials A Brief Discussion of the Institution of 'Comfort Women' Among Japanese Invading Armies in China 1. The Origin and Developmental Process of the Institution of Comfort Women 2. The Types and Establishment of Comfort Stations for the Japanese Army in China 3. Analyses of Comfort Women
《事实与真相 - 解读日本第二次侵华战争(英文版)》引经据典,以大量的事实,全面客观地展示了日本在第二次侵华战争中所犯下的种种耸人听闻的罪行,以及这些事件背后那些鲜为人知的历史渊源。通过采访幸存者、受害人以及目击者,以写实的手法再现那一段黑暗的历史,并从唯物历史观的角度出发,剖析其背后深层次的原因。本书分为九个章节:从南京大屠杀、慰安妇问题、731部队、三光政策、重庆大轰炸、战后日本的认罪态度、一些战犯逃脱了正义的惩罚、为何西方人不了解日本在中国犯下的罪行、到中日之间究竟有哪些问题等。