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Tuina/ Massage Manipulations: Basic Principles and Techniques

Jiangshan Li
Singing Dragon
215 x 160mm
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Tuina, also known as Chinese massage, is one of the cornerstones of Chinese medicine. This comprehensive introduction is written with the needs of the student and beginning practitioner in mind, and covers all the basic principles of the manipulation techniques required to practise Tuina. Manipulations are a core component of the study of Tuina as they are the primary method of carrying out treatment. They are also the most difficult skills to master. This book introduces the definitions, classifications and requirements of each Tuina manipulation, describing the main points, cautions and clinical applications, as well as providing detailed instructions for how each manipulation should be performed. Every explanation is accompanied by a diagram, and the accompanying online content demonstrates all the techniques in action. This book will be an essential learning tool for students, and a handy reference for beginning practitioners. The downloadable resources that form part of this book are built with Adobe Flash and require Adobe Flash Player to view. Mac OS and Windows support for Adobe Flash Player is coming to an end, so you may not be able to view and interact with the downloadable resources.
John Vincent Bellezza is senior research fellow at the Tibet Center, University of Virginia, Charlottesville. An archaeologist and cultural historian focused on the pre-Buddhist heritage of Tibet and the Western Himalaya, he has lived in high Asia for three decades. Bellezza has published widely on archaic ritual traditions in Bon and Old Tibetan literature. Since 1992, he has comprehensively charted the monuments and rock art of the ancient Zhang Zhung and Sumpa proto-states. The first non-Tibetan to have explored both the geographic and ritual sources of each of the four great rivers that emerge from the Mount Tise region, Bellezza has also visited nearly every main island and major headland in the great lakes region of the Changthang.