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Wang xizhi lanting xu
Jingen Qin
Hubei Meishu
410 x 275mm
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Using the R & D patented ink dot imitation Xuan quality water writing cloth is the biggest selling point of this set of products: 1. The water writing cloth is designed with high-quality color fabrics, which is more beautiful and generous than traditional water writing paper, and it is beautiful and practical. The visual effect is better, which is very suitable for students and beginners.
2. It is made of non-woven fabric. It has a good hand feeling and astringent writing surface, which is better than the health propaganda. It is more slick than ordinary water writing cloth.
3. The time for the handwriting to fade out is slightly longer than that of the ordinary water writing cloth, which is helpful for the practitioners, especially the student group to get guidance or make a point after the writing is completed. The waters began to fade. After writing many times, there will be no wrapping or wrinkling like ordinary water writing paper, and it is still smooth and flat, and it will be as new as every time it is used.
4. Matching ink brushes with special ink dots, selected from the finest sheep hairs, with moderately pliable hair and proper proportioning, very suitable for wiping on water writing cloths.
Qin Jingen, born in 1969 in Nanling County, Anhui Province. In 1997, he was admitted to the Capital Calligraphy Normal University Chinese Calligraphy and Culture Research Institute. He obtained a master's degree in literature in 2000. He obtained a Ph.D. from the China Academy of Art in 2013 and studied under Mr. Ren Ping. He is currently an editor of Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House of Anhui Publishing Group.
He is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a member of the 1st Youth Federation of Anhui Province, a member of the 2nd Youth Federation Standing Committee, deputy secretary-general of the Anhui Provincial Education Commission Calligraphy Education Professional Committee, executive director of the Anhui Province Direct Calligraphers Association, Anhui Province Young Calligraphy Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Chinese Artists, member of the Art Committee of China Calligraphy and Painting Art Network, and a special researcher of the Calligraphy Education Research Institute of Huaibei Normal University. Now he is recruited as a director by the China International Painting and Calligraphy Research Association directly under the Ministry of Culture.
采用具有研发专利的墨点仿宣精品水写布是本套产品的最大卖点:1、 水写布采用优质的彩色面料设计,比传统水写纸更美观大方,集美观、实用于一体,视觉效果更佳,非常适合学生和初学者使用。 2、 选取无纺布面料制作,手感好,书写表面有涩感,胜似生宣,比普通水写布写起来更有挥毫感。 3、 字迹消退的时间比普通水写布稍长,有利于练字者,特别是学生群体在书写完成后得到指导或提点,可避免写笔画较多的字时,字还未写完,水迹就开始消退的情况发生。多次书写后,不会出现如普通水写纸产生起包、打皱的情况,依然光滑平整,每次使用都会如新的一般。 4、 配套墨点兼毫专用毛笔,精选上等羊毫兼制而成,毛质柔韧适中,配比适当,非常适合在水写布上挥毫。
秦金根,笔名耕之。1969年出生于安徽省南陵县。1997年考入首都师范大学中国书法文化研究院,师从中国当代著名书法家欧阳中石、刘守安、王世征诸先生,攻读书法艺术教育专业硕士学位,2000年获得文学硕士学位。2013年考取中国艺术研究院博士,师从任平先生。现供职于安徽出版集团安徽美术出版社,编审,任《书画世界》副主编、编辑部主任。 中国书法家协会会员,安徽省直第一届青联委员、第二届青联常委,安徽省教育委员会书法教育专业委员会副秘书长,安徽省直书画家协会常务理事,安徽省青年书法家协会常务理事,中国书画艺术网艺术委员会委员,淮北师范大学书法教育研究所特聘研究员。现被文化部直属的中国国际书画研究会吸收为理事。