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Wonderful Chinese Plants
GU Yourong 顾有容, CHEN Chaoqun 陈超群, CHEN Jinghong 陈惊鸿
Changjiang Children's Press
260 x 185mm
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'Wonderful Chinese Plants' is a set of high-quality original plant science picture books created over 3 years, a total of 4 volumes, including 'Forest', 'Wetland', 'Desert Steppe' and 'High Mountain'. The book closely centers on the core of 'Wonderful', using fresh, easy-to-understand, professional and humanistic vivid language, more than 600 precise, realistic and artistically appealing high-definition hand-drawn drawings, reproducing forests, wetlands, deserts, and grasslands. , Interesting stories and wonderful features of 200 characteristic Chinese plants in the 5 ecological environments of high mountains. The book’s classification scientific system, the text, the map, the latitude and the latitude, are based on the scientific concept of ecological protection, and roughly constructs a distribution map of the charm of Chinese plants for readers. It has a strong scientific, artistic and interesting nature and is worthy of repeated reading. Learn and appreciate the 'entry-level collection' of Chinese plants. This book is recommended by the Chinese plant taxonomyologist Wang Jinwu, the preface by the plant science painter Zeng Xiaolian, and the creation by Gu Yourong, Ph.D. in botany from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the ingenuity of Li Zanqian, the botanical art painting judge of the 19th International Congress of Botany. Editor-in-chief Ma Ping reviewed.
Gu Yourong, Ph.D. in botany from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, associate professor at the School of Life Sciences, Capital Normal University, consultant of the Shanshui Nature Conservation Center, member of the Science Squirrel Association, author of the Nutshell Net and Species Calendar. He teaches botany, studies plant system evolution, pollination ecology and conservation biology. He is engaged in science communication in his spare time, wrote more than 100 popular science articles, and filmed more than 80 episodes of short video 'Flower Calendar' with his wife. I am good at identifying plants (more than 5000 species), but I am not satisfied with this. I am more willing to share with you the stories of the survival, reproduction and evolution of these plants.