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10-Minute Primer Qigong

ZHOU Qingjie
Singing Dragon
234 x 156mm
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Learn the essentials about qigong with this comprehensive and easy-to-read introduction. An ancient Chinese practice now becoming popular in the West, qigong integrates functions of the body, breathing and the mind. Qigong is a great way to keep fit, prevent illness, and still your mind. Fully illustrated, this book covers the key information to get you started, including:
- Tips for practice
- Key principles and etiquette
- Health benefits
- Postures and breathing techniques
- Step-by-step instruction of Baduanjin Qigong
- Origins.
With an accompanying DVD that demonstrates an authentic short qigong form, Baduanjin, it is the perfect introduction for newcomers to the art as well as anyone interested in martial traditions more generally. It also provides useful practice tips and cultural insights for seasoned qigong practitioners.

Zhou Qingjie is Associate Professor of Physical Education Teaching and Research at Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, and has an MA in Sports Humanistic Sociology. He has been practicing martial arts, including Tai Ji Quan, qigong, Sanda (Chinese boxing) and other forms of wushu with weapons since his childhood. He has taught wushu as both compulsory and optional subjects at the Foreign Affairs University, and has been invited to teach wushu and Tai Ji Quan at Peking University and Beijing Normal University. Due to his achievements in the bilingual teaching of Tai Ji Quan and his theoretical research in physical education, he received the award of 'Top Beijing Innovator for Education' in 2005.

Contents: 1. What is Qigong? 2. Understanding Qigong. 3. Qigong and Health. 4. Qigong Postures. 5. The Meditative State in Qigong. 6. Breathing in Qigong. 7. Baduanjin Qigong. 8. Points to Remember When Doing Qigong.