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10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan

ZHOU Qingjie
Singing Dragon
134 x 156mm
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Discover Tai Ji Quan with this concise and easy-to-read primer. Seen in the West as a dynamic combination of yoga and meditation, Tai Ji Quan is an effective health and mind stilling exercise that has been practiced in China for millennia. Fully illustrated in colour, this book covers all the basics, including:
- Key principles and etiquette
- Tips for practice
- Health benefits
- Origins
- Tai Ji Quan schools
With an accompanying DVD that demonstrates an authentic short form, it is the perfect introduction for newcomers to Tai Ji Quan as well as anyone interested in martial traditions more generally. It also provides key practice tips and cultural insights for seasoned Tai Ji Quan practitioners.

Zhou Qingjie is Associate Professor of Physical Education Teaching and Research at Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, and has an MA in Sports Humanistic Sociology. He has been practicing martial arts, including Tai Ji Quan, qigong, Sanda (Chinese boxing) and other forms of wushu with weapons since his childhood. He has taught wushu as both compulsory and optional subjects at the Foreign Affairs University, and has been invited to teach wushu and Tai Ji Quan at Peking University and Beijing Normal University. Due to his achievements in the bilingual teaching of Tai Ji Quan and his theoretical research in physical education, he received the award of 'Top Beijing Innovator for Education' in 2005.

Contents: 1. What is Tai Ji Quan? 2. Origin and Development of Tai Ji Quan. 3. Major Tai Ji Quan Styles. 4. The Cultural Charm of Tai Ji Quan. 5. Tai Ji Quan and Health. 6. Bare Hands and Weapons. 7. Learning Tai Ji Quan. 8. Points for Attention While Practicing Tai Ji Quan. 9. Classical Essay on Tai Ji Quan.