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Road to Success: Upper Elementary vol.2 - Listening and Speaking

SHEN Danhong
Beijing Language & Culture University Press
English, Chinese
210 x 285mm
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Upper Elementary - Listening and Speaking is the accompanying textbook for Road to Success: Upper Elementary. It consists of two volumes, each of which has 24 lessons. The materials involve all the aspects of foreign students' study and life in China. The book is illustrated with many pictures and prides itself on its rich and authentic information. It integrates the practice in listening and speaking. The group work provides simulated scenes for the students to express themselves and help them solve all the problems they meet when they study and live in China. An accompanying MP3 has recording of the texts, new words and some of the listening exercises.
The Road to Success Series is a comprehensive, graded Chinese course with 22 volumes. It starts with the Threshold, followed by Lower Elementary (2 levels), Elementary (2 levels), Upper Elementary (3 Levels), Lower Intermediate (2 levels), Intermediate (2 levels), Lower Advanced (2 levels), and Advanced (2 levels). A passage of Chinese texts opens up a unit with new words and phrases and their English translations provided; then teaching points about grammar are explained explicitly, accompanied with plenty of exercises. At the end of each unit, in the section of comprehensive exercises, students can have a recap of what they have just learned in the unit by doing the exercises. This is a well-designed series of textbooks that helps learners build up their foundation of Chinese language skills and develop their skills step by step from a very beginner to a highly advanced Chinese speaker.