Join us to celebrate ESEA Heritage Month & Mid-Autumn Festival with joyful activities! Non-native Chinese speaking families are encouraged.

又是一年中秋佳节临近,无论是“但愿人长久,千里共婵娟”,还是“忆对中秋丹桂丛,花在杯中,月在杯中”,都道不尽美好如意的祝愿与思念。而每年的9月都是英国的East and South East Asian Heritage Month(东亚、东南亚遗产月),因此ESEA社群通常都会在9月举行各式活动来相互展示、交流独特的传统文化,庆祝ESEA Heritage Month。

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching again. September is East and South East Asian Heritage Month in the UK. The ESEA community usually holds various activities in September to showcase and exchange unique traditional culture with each other and celebrate ESEA Heritage Month.

在这里,我们想为大家首先介绍一位新的双语独立作者Angelina Wong-Jardin,与她在2022年出版的童谣系列儿童读物Nursery Rhymes

We would like to introduce a new bilingual independent author Angelina Wong-Jardin and her nursery rhymes series of children's books Nursery Rhymes published in 2022.

Nursery Rhymes丛书分为四个主题,分别为节日、食物、家庭、动物,选取了大量中国民间的传统童谣、脍炙人口又适合幼儿学习诵读的古诗(比如李白的《静夜思》、李绅的《悯农》),附有拼音与英文翻译,插图活泼可爱、色彩明快,适合多语种家庭共享阅读。并且与常见的双语儿童绘本、语言学习读物不同的是,作者在这套丛书中大胆地添加了录制的歌谣,按下相应的按键,就可以听到轻快的童谣从书页中飘出。

The Nursery Rhymes series is divided into four themes, namely festivals, food, family, and animals. It selects a large number of traditional Chinese folk nursery rhymes and ancient poems that are popular and suitable for children to learn and recite, with pinyin and English translation, lively and cute illustrations and bright colours, suitable for shared reading by multilingual families. And unlike common bilingual children's picture books and language learning books, the author boldly adds recorded songs to this series of books. Press the corresponding button and you can hear the brisk nursery rhymes floating out of the pages.

Nursery Rhymes自从在光华书店上架以来就广受欢迎,吸引了许多双语家长、儿童、甚至是语言学习者驻足聆听。我们也有幸请到作者Angelina Wong-Jardin和另外两位嘉宾Karen Li、Sophie Guo,与光华书店一起在这个9月相约Charing Cross Library,她们将带领小朋友们玩游戏、做手工,为参与家庭读故事、唱童谣;欢迎朋友们携家带口,与我们一起在童言笑语中度过一个不一样的中秋,庆祝ESEA Heritage Month 2023。

Nursery Rhymes has become very popular since it was put on the shelves of Guanghwa Bookshop, attracting many bilingual parents, children, and even language learners. We are also fortunate to have the author Angelina Wong-Jardin and two other guests, Karen Li and Sophie Guo, meet with Guanghwa Bookshop at Charing Cross Library this September. They will lead the children to play games, do crafts, and read stories. Welcome to bring your families and spend a different Mid-Autumn Festival with us among children's laughter to celebrate ESEA Heritage Month 2023.


There will also be a pop-up book stall at this event. Guanghwa Bookstore will bring a variety of Chinese and English bilingual children's books.

Event Details

Mid Autumn Moon Kidlit Fest

Sun, 24 Sep 2023 13:30 - 16:00 BST

Ground Floor, Charing Cross Library,

4-6 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0HF

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Angelina Wong-Jardin

“Nursery Rhymes”作者,英籍华裔独立创作者、双语儿童读物作者,创立童书品牌Fish Tales & Rhymes;她致力于将语言与文化以充满热情与意义的方式相融合,践行多元化的教育理念。在伦敦长大的Angelina自幼便生长在多语种、多元文化的环境之中,先后在杜伦大学取得法语与欧洲语言学士学位,在伦敦政经学院取得性别与媒体硕士学位。“Nursery Rhymes”于2022年在美国德克萨斯州出版,旅居美国的Angelina随后返回英国,现居剑桥。

The author of "Nursery Rhymes", British-Chinese independent creator and bilingual children's book author. She founded the children's book brand Fish Tales & Rhymes; she is committed to integrating language and culture in a passionate and meaningful way, and practicing diversified education. Angelina grew up in London in a multilingual and multicultural environment. She obtained a bachelor's degree in French and European languages from Durham University and a master's degree in gender and media from the London School of Economics and Political Science. "Nursery Rhymes" was published in Texas, USA, in 2022. Angelina, who lived in the United States, then returned to the UK and now lives in Cambridge.

Karen Li

童书品牌Braching Out Books联合创始人,催眠治疗师、咨询师,专门从事青年领域的工作。Karen一直对儿童书籍充满热情;在学校工作过并且在从事管理工作 20 年后,她接受了重新培训,以帮助他人改变自己及其家人的生活。Karen将在本次活动中为参与家庭朗读她于2022年出版的童书“The Golden Mango Tree”。

Co-founder of children's book brand Braching Out Books, hypnotherapist and counsellor, specializing in work with youth. Karen has always had a passion for children's books; having worked in schools and after 20 years in administration, she retrained to help others make a difference in their own and their families' lives. Karen will read her children's book "The Golden Mango Tree" published in 2022 to participating families at this event.

Sophie Guo 郭成倩

拥有丰富经验的采购经理和图书组稿编辑,在 Cypress Books 工作多年,有采购和出版工作的丰富经验。她是一名出版专业人士,并擅长翻译、汉语教学和研究,拥有谢菲尔德大学博士学位,专注于教材研究。

An experienced purchasing manager and book manuscript editor who has worked at Cypress Books for many years and has extensive experience in purchasing and publishing. She is a publishing professional and is good at translation, Chinese teaching and research. She holds a PhD from the University of Sheffield and focuses on textbook research.