At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, the 13th Spring Festival Joint Exhibition of Chinese Books in Global Overseas Chinese Bookstores was held in Guanghua Bookstore, with the theme of "Reading China", which became a beautiful cultural landscape that emerged overseas during the Spring Festival. This joint exhibition will be held for a period of one month. The exhibited books are both ideological, artistic, and readable, and are closer to the needs of overseas readers.


This year's joint exhibition will hold readers' exchange meetings, book-sharing sessions, and activities such as writing Spring Festival couplets, guessing lantern riddles, and Chinese paintings so that overseas readers can learn about Chinese culture and understand China in the new era in a subtle way.


The exhibition attracted many media to report. As the largest Chinese bookstore in the UK and even in Europe, Guanghua Bookshop gives full play to its advantages in overseas channels and its role as a bridgehead for cultural communication and uses the brand of joint exhibition activities to launch a book feast during the Spring Festival. It has been carefully prepared and solidly implemented to help tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese voices.