'Please Vote for Me' A Level Chinese Film Study Series
《请投我一票》A Level中文电影学习指导系列

Weichi Wen 温蔚琪, Yenchiao Fang 方彦乔
Publisher: Cypress Book
Publication: 9/2024
Languages: English, Chinese
Binding: Paperback

Pages: 150
Sizes: 281 x 210mm
Weight: 0.5kg

This comprehensive study guide is carefully designed for students learning A-Level Chinese as a second or foreign language. It prepares them to explore the film 'Please Vote for Me' in-depth as part of their A-Level course. Additionally, it can be used for self-study and revision purposes for all Chinese learners and as a teaching guide for teachers.

Key Features of the Guide:

  1. Holistic Film Study Approach: The guide introduces the social and historical context of "Please Vote for Me," offering summaries and scene analyses for each section of the film, along with studies of both main and minor characters.
  2. Vocabulary and Structure Reinforcement: Essential vocabulary, phrases, and sentence structures are woven throughout the book. This repetitive spiral learning approach ensures maximum retention and application of learned words.
  3. Targeted Exercises Supporting Analytical Development: Each chapter includes specific exercises designed to develop writing skills whilst also reinforcing comprehension as well as analytical abilities.
  4. Scaffolded Learning for Diverse Proficiency Levels: The content is carefully structured to cater to the needs of learners at varying levels of Chinese language proficiency, offering both support and challenges.
  5. Cultural and Social Insights: Beyond language learning, this guide offers an in-depth exploration of the social and cultural themes depicted in the film, aimed at developing learners with a well-rounded understanding of contemporary Chinese society and culture through research questions.
  6. Exam Preparation Tools: The guide includes tips for essay writing and practice questions, specifically tailored to the A-Level writing style. It assists learners in becoming familiar with the requirements and success criteria of A-Level essay writing.

Concept features

To address the teaching and learning needs of Chinese A-level studies, we have identified a significant gap: the absence of a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and practical reference book specifically for the writing paper. This realization inspired us to create a study guide tailored for A-level Film studies. 'Please Vote for Me,' a film considered highly accessible, has been chosen for its suitability for non-native English students learning in the UK. Our goal is to fill this gap by providing a valuable resource for both front-line teachers and students. We believe that this book will become an essential tool for A-level students, yielding long-term benefits for both the academic and educational communities.

Textbook system

This comprehensive film study guide is designed for students preparing for their A-level exam: film essays, specifically tailored to enhance the understanding of the captivating film 'Please Vote for Me'. Ideal for learners who have reached HSK 3-4 proficiency or have successfully completed their Chinese GCSE Higher tier examination, this guide delves deep into the analysis of the film, employing essential vocabulary and grammatical structures that range from HSK levels 5 to 6.

Written to cater to the needs of advanced learners, this book offers a unique blend of language-focused challenges and cultural exploration. Its content not only aligns with A-level standards but also provides an immersive learning experience. Whether you are a student aiming to enhance your Mandarin or a Chinese film enthusiast keen on exploring Chinese culture, this guide serves as an essential resource. It helps you understand and appreciate 'Please Vote for Me' in its full cultural and linguistic context.


Weichi WEN completed her PGCE programme at Goldsmiths, University of London, and has taught in both state and independent settings in the UK. She has gained extensive experience in teaching students learning Chinese as a foreign language and bilingual students throughout her teaching career, which includes 9 years of teaching CIE Chinese Pre-U film studies. 

Yenchiao FANG is an experienced Mandarin teacher, graduated from a Normal University (师范大学) in China and holds a British Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). His teaching experience encompasses a range of educational settings, including state and independent, primary and secondary schools both in China and the UK.

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